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Tish & Snooky’s Manik Panik NYC was founded by sisters. The girls were not just adherents of punk culture, which was extremely widespread among New York youth in those years, but also participants in the authentic composition of the Sic F*cks group. News of the opening in the St. Mark’s Place punk boutique quickly scattered across New York and across America, turning a small shop into a place where informals gathered. After a couple of decades, he transformed into a world famous company. Currently, Manik Panik is a creative subcultural style and everything connected with it.


Manic Panic is creativity, uncompromising quality, innovation, these are the main reasons why millions of people in different parts of the world prefer the products of an authoritative brand. Its history began at the end of the seventies of the last century, but even today, world-famous brand products: semi-permanent paints, sprays, brighteners and hair gels, false locks, nail art varnishes, tonal products, artificial eyelashes, eye shadows, T-shirts, baseball caps lose relevance.

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