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La Riche was established in the UK in 1981. The creators of the company sold their first cans of paint to a cramped closet, which was located on the outskirts of the British capital.

Soon after the start of sales, the products of this manufacturer began to be popular. She was praised by many fans to experiment with their images. It was liked by ordinary people, and representatives of various subcultures, and shocking world celebrities.

La Riche Directions – owned by La Riche. Under this brand, bright hair dye is produced in original shades, which allows girls to create bright, unique images. This paint looks very fashionable and lasts up to three weeks without losing its brightness.


These hair dyes do not contain peroxide, so they do not spoil the hair, but, on the contrary, restore and strengthen them. La Riche puts its paints in neat jars with a capacity of 88 milligrams. In total, thirty-four shades of such paints are produced.

In addition to paints, the manufacturer also produces other products under this brand, namely:
air conditioners;
balms for skin treatment after tattoos;
kits designed to brighten hair.

Like most of these paints, La Riche Directions is a semi-permanent. It does not contain components that can harm the hair. In this paint there is neither peroxide, nor ammonia, nor other aggressive substances. Oxide is not required for its use. The composition placed in the jar is completely ready for use.
The manufacturer strictly adheres to the standards of “Vegan Free” in the manufacture of its products. The products made by him are not tested on animals, in its composition there are no ingredients of animal origin.

The only drawback of products manufactured under the brand name La Riche Directions, as well as any other semi-permanent paints, is that it does not lighten hair. Therefore, before applying it, it is desirable to lighten. Owners of light and blond hair may not do this – bright purple and red shades fit well on natural hair. After application, the dye can withstand 5-6 washes on natural hair and up to fifteen washes on clarified ones.

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