iUNIK wholesale

IUNIK is a new brand of the Korean cosmetics industry. Having existed for only three years, he has already loudly declared himself in the European, American and CIS markets

The motto of the company Unique is two theses: Uniqueness and Naturalness. The brand does not pay attention to the bright design of product packaging, preferring to worry about the naturalness of the ingredients.
According to IUNIK, minimal use of products and simplicity are the key to proper and harmonious skin care.

IUNIK cosmetic products successfully relieve the most important indicators of skin aging: rough skin, dryness, sagging skin, spotting, deep wrinkles.

With the help of IUNIK, you can return the now fashionable glow-effect, due to the restoration of the skin’s relief and its deep nutrition. The primary goal for IUNIK is to produce the comprehensive care that is so necessary for the skin. Products are manufactured in super-technological laboratories, under the constant supervision of eminent and experienced dermatologists.


The range of IUNIK products includes: serums, creams, oils, cleansers, peels, toners. In their composition you will never find any flavorings or third-party fragrances. Organic products guarantee a natural, natural result of the restoration of your skin.
Serums from IUNIK, in addition to snail mucin and hyaluronic acid, contain nutritional plant extracts, for example:
tea tree extract;
Centella asiatica extract;
tea rose extract;
galactomisis extract;
extracts of germinated vegetables and cereals.
As part of skin whitening creams, beta-glucan is present. This is a high molecular weight polysaccharide of natural origin, which has a strong effect on human immunity.
It is extracted from baker’s yeast, mushrooms, bran oats, barley and some other crops. It is often involved in pharmaceuticals and cosmetology, because it has impressive healing and regenerative properties.
IUNIK oils moisturize the skin, restoring its former elasticity and unprecedented tenderness. The absence of extraneous odors guarantees their hypoallergenicity and versatility.
Facial cleansers and peeling gels are carefully cleaned without drying, because they do not contain alcohols that age and dry the skin. Their composition stimulates collagen synthesis, has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties and a huge antioxidant potential.
IUNIK Tea Tree Toner has antiseptic and antifungal properties, helping to treat skin prone to inflammation. Tea tree extract reduces the production of excess sebum, speeds up healing and prevents skin drying.

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