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Crazy Color is a modern English brand of hair dyes.
For calmer images, the Natural, Extreme series is presented – exclusively for courageous and confident personalities.

OsmoRenbow, a company producing iconic dyes Crazy Color, appeared in 1977 in Britain and immediately became popular. Initially, dyes were a training tool for hairdressers. One of their creators was the Englishman Renato Brunas. And it all started with the unusually painted 8 models that were shown on TV. This immediately aroused the indignation of the conservative British.

Everything happened at the peak of love for punk rock culture. Therefore, initially, the paint became the object of close attention of punk rockers, then stylists and experimenters became interested in it. Today, the brand is used by both professional colorists and ordinary people, and a palette of colors is often ordered in beauty salons and show rooms.


The Crazy Color palette includes 27 stunning shades for every taste and color, which allows you to create bright unique images, changing them like gloves. Candy floss, coniferous green, peacock blue, blue chewing gum, canary yellow, lime zest – the original names of the colors correspond to their bright, epic shades.
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