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Founded in 2014 by animal model and animal lover Kristen Lian, Arctic Fox is now one of the fastest growing hair dye companies in the world. Kristen has long dyed her hair in bright colors. However, like many others, she had to deal with an insufficient number of available brands. After talking with her partners about a common passion for bright colors, self-expression, red wine and, of course, love for animals, she decided to create the best semi-permanent hair dyes to date.


Arctic Fox paints do not contain drying alcohol, allergens, or corrosive chemicals. Two years of research and development have been devoted to creating drugs with strong pigmentation, less fading, not staining the drain pipes. Arctic Fox is a long-lasting semi-permanent paint that is easy to work with, which has a conditioning effect and smells good. All semi-permanent paints fade over time, but fade in different ways. The Arctic Fox formula is designed in such a way that the paint fades in the original color spectrum, that is, as the color rinses off, its colors remain still magnificent and desirable for customers. This also means that the creation of lighter and pastel tones using the Arctic Mist thinner is much easier and more accurate.

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