Anthocyanin wholesale

логотип красителей для волос anthocyanin

Anthocyanin is a leading manufacturer of hair dyes. The brand is included in the assortment portfolio of the South Korean company Sarangsae Co. Ltd, which specializes in the production of cosmetic products for skin and hair care. The introduction of the Anthocyanin brand began in May 2001. As a result of innovative technologies and numerous laboratory tests, it was possible to create a truly revolutionary product – the oxidizing hair dye Anthocyanin. She not only dyes her hair in a variety of colors, but also gently cares for them. After conquering the local market, the product began to be actively exported to other countries and won worldwide recognition of millions of people.


Each of these products takes care of the quality of the hair and helps to maintain a rich shade for a long time.

A huge color palette of hair colors “Anthocyanin” will help you easily transform and try on a variety of images. With the help of traditional colors, you can turn into a fatal brunette, a stunning ash blonde or a passionate red-haired heartbreaker. A huge selection of interesting color shades and their combination will help you achieve extreme colors. If you have long wanted to have a deep emerald, bright sapphire, crazy orange, trendy purple hair color, then Antotsianin is a win-win option to turn fantasy into reality.

The brand’s philosophy is that the modern personality has the ability to express itself through experiments with his appearance, including hair. Dare to vividly transform your hair and fascinate people with a unique image.

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